Sixth Doctoral Forum on Design Research

“Design Research in face of current challenges to knowledge”

October 16+17, University of Porto, Portugal



Call for submissions is now open until June 25. Conference languages are English, Portuguese and Spanish.


UD17 is open to all PhD students and recent graduates whose projects may benefit from, or be a benefit to, the discipline of Design and/or Design Research.

UD17 will take place at the University of Porto Creative Industries Incubator (UPTEC PINC).

Application and Participation are free of charge.

Feel free to disseminate this message among your peers and anyone who may be interested; the organisation committee will also be very thankful if you can share our event (https://www.facebook.com/UD17NoiseWise) and website (http://endlessend.up.pt/ud17) with your contacts.

Call For Papers

Visual Pedagogies: 5th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Visual Culture

September 14 – 16, 2018

UCL Institute of Education

Can we teach what we see? Can we see what we teach? How is the world changed, reaffirmed, or progressed through the visual? How does it slip back? What impact can thoughtful uses of images in teaching, scholarship, artistic, and political practice have on the future, as well as on the telling of history How can we as scholars, practitioners, educators, and concerned citizens of the world see ourselves as teachers of and through the visual, whatever our context?

A complete CALL FOR PAPERS, as well as a list of Keynotes and further details will be posted in Summer 2018. Please check back, or email GreetingsIAVC@gmail.com for more information.



Artist: Christian Bonnefoi

film screening and round-table discussion

Monday June 12     5.30 – 7.30pm     The LVMH E002  Lecture Theatre, Central Saint Martins,

5.30pm           Screening of the film Diagramme, Collage, Tableau.   and  Round-table discussion with Christian Bonnefoi, Philip Armstrong, Mick Finch and Antoine Langenieux-Villard.


Christian Bonnefoi is a central figure on the French artistic scene.  Since his retrospective in 2008 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, his recognition as an artist who has radicalised pictorial practice has grown internationally, notably with recent expositions at Campoli Presti, London; the Jean-Paul Najar Foundation for Contemporary Art, Dubai; and Thea Westereich and Ethan Wagner, New York.

Two students from Central Saint Martins, Jean-Baptiste Lagadec and Antoine Langenieux-Villard, filmed an interview with Bonnefoi in 2016, concentrating on his relationship to collage, his ideas about painting and the tableau form, and the diagram he uses to map the development and motifs of his practice which takes the form of wall based collages and paintings. The resulting 58-minute film,Diagramme, Collage, Tableau, is an excellent introduction and insight to both Bonnefoi’s practice and his thinking, from the 1970s to the present day.  The interview was conducted in French but has English sub-titles and is an early edit of a project that is a work in progress.

The screening of the film will be followed by a round-table conversation between Christian Bonnefoi, Philip Armstrong, Mick Finch and Antoine Langenieux-Villard.

SEE EXHIBITION IN LONDON NOW  at Campoli Presti Gallery 223 Cambridge Heath Rd London until May 20 2017

Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society Postgraduate Conference

The Centre of Psychoanalysis at Middlesex University Hendon Campus would like to invite you to a one-day Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society Postgraduate conference designed to give postgraduate students from all disciplines who are interested in Psychoanalysis an opportunity to present and discuss their research in an informal and intellectually stimulating setting.

The conference will take place on Saturday, 17 June 2017 between 9:30am and 5:30pm at the Hendon Campus of Middlesex University (30 minutes from Central London, closest Tube Station is Hendon Central). For further information about the conference and bookings please refer to the following link:



Last booking date: 15th June 2017


Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31st May 2017


All abstracts and queries should be sent to: Anne Worthington, a.worthington@mdx.ac.uk



The Lumen Prize


This year, The Lumen Prize has partnered with Meural to offer the Meural Student Prize. The award celebrates emerging artists currently enrolled in a university or college for work that shows remarkable talent in the field of digital art.

Open to all students working in still and moving image, including time-based media, generative art, glitch art, gif, animation and photo-manipulation. To find out more about the prize emailinfo@lumenprize.com.

No One Magazine Open Call


Taking the form of a box, No One Magazine aims to provide a platform for sharing ideas and connecting the various departments here at Central Saint Martins.

The inaugural issue will explore the idea of ‘Consciousness and they are looking to feature work related to the theme by CSM students and staff – all they ask is that it fits within the dimensions of 11.7” (L) x 11.7” (H) x 8.3” (W). Interested? Visit MyArts to find out more.

Guest Projects 2018 Residency Sumbissions



Guest Projects is an initiative conceived by artist Yinka Shonibare MBE which offers the opportunity to artistic practitioners of any artistic discipline to have access to a free project space for one month.

Guest Projects provides an alternative universe and playground for artists. It is a laboratory of ideas and a testing ground for new thoughts and actions.

Find out more

I Want You to PARTICIPATE || pause for thought


by Xristina Penna | part of PCI Postgraduate Research seminar series



Date:  Wednesday 31 May 2017
Time: 12:45 – 17:15

Venue: stage@leeds  Cromer Road, Leeds LS2 9JS

FREE to attend





The Exchange is delighted to be supporting this event as part of the Exchange Development and Networking series for Creatives and Early Career Researchers this summer.

We hope this will be of particular interest to our TCCE members and Exchange partners who are artists or creative researchers, working across installation, intermedia, immersive, applied art, and performance.

What is the purpose of this event?

This one-day colloquium aims to contribute to Harpin and Nicholson’s ‘reflective response to why the contemporary moment appears somehow to need participation’ (2017: 15).

Focus will be placed on questions regarding the resistances, crises, or ethical dilemmas encountered by the invited artists, and creative researchers when using participatory formats. The aim is to collect direct insights from an eclectic group of artists, and creative researchers who work across installation, intermedia, immersive, applied art, and performance, and who utilise these formats.

In his critique The Nightmare of Participation architect, curator, and thinker Markus Miessen addresses that it is necessary to separate oneself from using magic buzz-words like ‘sustainability, participation, democracy’ as billpostings, and that ‘one must tackle their underlying motives through contextualized practice’ (2010: 242).

What will happen at this event?

The invited practitioners and practitioner-researchers will be asked to reflect on any (or none) of the below questions:

How do they perceive their role within these works?

What do they think they contextualise with their practice?

What constitutes something as pseudo-participatory?

After every two or three presentations (talks, performance lectures etc.) the lens will turn to round table discussions for 15min. It will therefore use a participatory format (Open Space) as a way of exchanging views, and reflections between practitioners, practitioner-researchers, and participants.

Overall aim is to contribute to the ‘nuanced language’ (Bishop, 2012) of contemporary participatory work, by assuming a critical stance, and the insights stemming from practitioners in the field.

Event web-site: https://thegrid.ai/participation/

You may drop in for the whole day, or for a session (see schedule below).

Sandwiches, cake, tea, and coffee will be provided during the break free of charge.

12.45-1.00: Registration

1.00 -1.10 Intro

1.15-1.30 Speaker 1 (Ben Eyes)

1.30-1.45 Speaker 2 (Emma Gee)

1.45-2.00 Round table

2.00-2.15 Speaker 3 (Alison Andrews)

2.15-2.30 Speaker 4 (Katie Day-The Other Way Works)

2.30-2.45 Round table

2.45-3.30 BREAK sandwiches and coffee

3.30-3.45 Speaker 5 (Lucy Steggals- The Saturday Museum)

3.45-4.00 Speaker 6 (Alaena Turner)

4.00-4.15 Round table

4.15-4.30 Speaker 7 (Sam McKay)

4.30-4.45 Speaker 8 (Xristina Penna)

4.45-5.00 Round table

5.00-5.15 Closing and summing up


More Event Information

For more information on this event please contact Xristina Penna: C.Penna@leeds.ac.uk

Supported by Post Graduate Research & Audience Engagement and Experience Research Group, PCI, University of Leeds
Supported by HEFCE and ACE via The Exchange project


The Scriptless Film /GASBAGGASBAG9




Timothy Adams, Anjali Kasturi, Brittany Rochford, Isaac Healy, Tamami Mizutani, Valentin Rosso, Brontë Sapsford, Karis Crawford, Lizzie Castledine, Aruna Kerek and Bella McElwain

Opening: Wednesday 24th May, 6pm-9pm

Exhibition runs: 25th May-28th May 12–6pm

Join us for a night of unintelligible contingency as eleven Fine Artists attempt to babble their way through a minefield of altered narratives and scrip-less ochlocracy.

In collaboration with Gasworks Gallery, we watch as these Central Saint Martins spawn orienteer through a maze of failure and conspiracy. Revolving around notions of exigency and adaptability, this indoctrination attempted to deconstruct the conventions of filmmaking, questioning the sacred Hollywood hierarchy otherwise traditionally established.  Adopting this concept in accordance with the one-week residency at Gasworks, they utilised the space, testing ideas through object-based performances, documentarian filmic exercises and post-production rituals.

Weaving around the difficulties of collaborating amongst a large group, multiple investigations unfolded, creating opportunities for individuals to further develop specific aspects of the work.  A collaboration of the masses is at work in this event, with each work pulling ties to the next. The notion of ego and success is abandoned at the entrance to the show, substituted instead for the willingness to fail. Periodically lingering in the realms of surrealism and whimsical thought, the longer you spend in the presence of the works the more you succumb to this notion of delusion, rendering you victims to the sincerity of the cinéma vérité vomited in front of you.

Featuring collaborative and individual works by Timothy Adams, Anjali Kasturi, Brittany Rochford, Isaac Healy, Tamami Mizutani, Valentin Rosso, Brontë Sapsford, Karis Crawford, Lizzie Castledine, Aruna Kerek and Bella McElwain.

The Scriptless Film Project was devised by Erika Tan in dialogue with Gasworks. Taking the  ‘script-less film’ as a means of approaching the medium of moving image from a position of indeterminacy, the students undertook a mini-residency in Gasworks, working collectively to generate material and approaches for the exhibition. 

Gasworks, 155 Vauxhall Street, London SE11 5RH, https://www.gasworks.org.uk/participation/central-st-martins-student-project-2017-05-25/

The Doctoral Platform at CSM offers PhD candidates the space in which to meet, share research, as well as co-ordinate, curate and participate in a variety of events.

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