Design PhD Conference 2015

We would like to make you aware of the above event, co-hosted by the Imagination Lancaster Creative Research Centre at Lancaster University and the Centre for Design Research at Northumbria University.
Conference theme: Better by Design: Environment, Society & Self

Design in the 21st century has a responsibility to address the critical issues affecting society and the natural environment while also striving to create more personally meaningful notions of material culture. The last century’s ideas of progress and innovation yielded an ever-growing culture of waste, pollution and social inequity. This model still dominates our culture. As populations grow and the natural environment continues to degrade, with little political will for substantive change, there is a need not only to develop new, better ways forward, but also to manifest and demonstrate alternative possibilities. The applied arts can play an important role in this arena in visualising a world that is Better by Design – better for the environment, better for society and better for each of us as individuals.

The conference will be held in the LICA Building, Lancaster University on the 2nd and 3rd July 2015 and offers an opportunity to meet, exchange knowledge and ideas, and learn about the latest developments in design thinking, methods and research projects.

It would be much appreciated if you could please circulate the above information to your colleagues, students, graduates, business contacts and any other interested parties. In particular, we have launched a call for presentations and a call for posters which your students and graduates may be interested in submitting to.

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