Design-ing and Creative Philosophies

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Design-ing and Creative Philosophies at the Design Research Society Conference – Brighton 27-30 June 2016.

The theme of this session focuses on the intersections of design-ing with a philosophical lineage that addresses material becoming, intensities, open-ended production, desire, and, crucially, sees the creation of concepts as a creative practice. Thus, this session seeks to engage with the thought of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari to start with – but also with other thinkers such as Spinoza, Gilbert Simondon, Isabelle Stengers, Michel Serres among others – to explore the extent to which this mode of philosophical thinking can trigger new ways of theorizing design, by critiquing the existent, provoking responses and destabilizing the known.

The aim is twofold:
– first, to present current research that pushes design interrogation beyond the boundaries of conventional philosophical engagement;
– second, to challenge the meaning and values of existing design ideas and practices in the light of creative philosophies.

Manola Antonioli, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architetture de Paris La Villette
Jamie Brassett, University of the Arts, London

We invite papers that explore, but are not limited by, the following questions:

Why would design need to engage with creative philosophies?
What impact can Deleuze and Guattari’s philosophy have on design studies and theories, as well as on design processes and practices?
Is there such a thing as a Deleuzian design? And if so, what would it look like?
How to develop lines of “minor design”?

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Betti Marenko

“Philosophy needs not only a philosophical understanding, through concepts, but a non philosophical understanding, rooted in percepts and affects. You need both. Philosophy has an essential and positive relation to non philosophy. It speaks directly to non philosophers” (Deleuze 1995 139)

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