Redlines Are Not For Crossing


Redlines Are Not For Crossing held a talk on 15th October with art activist John Jordan and Robbie Gillett from Reclaim The Power – after an inspiring night – IT’S TIME TO ACT!

There are only five weeks left until the start of the Climate Conference in Paris, COP21. That’s five weeks to come up with the creative actions that will wrest the narrative from those that would allow ‘business as usual’ to continue in the shadow of catastrophic climate change. It is time to build the red lines that must not be crossed if we are to halt the rising tide. Time to build the actions that will ensure the last word in these talks. Time for everybody to help.

As those of you who made the talk will know, CSM is hosting an ART ACTION BUILD event on November 21st for students and staff – activists and artists – to come together to create and make the teams, actions and artworks for the Climate Games and Red Lines activities between 29 November (N29) and 12 December (D12).

To make the most of this DAY OF COLLABORATIVE CREATIVE ACTION we need to prepare – we need your help to gather together the people and work out the materials and machines we’ll need to make our insurrectionary imaginings a reality!

First, meet up at the CSM Platform bar on Monday 2nd November at 6pm to plan the ART ACTION BUILD workshop – let us know you are coming here.—Art-Action-Build-workshop

Then, sign up for the ART ACTION BUILD workshop on the 21st November here.—Art-Action-Build-workshop

See you on Monday 2nd November at 6pm.

Keep It Lit!

Jamie and Adam

PS Let your friends know about and the Redlines plans for #D12 and forward on the links to Reclaim the Power ( so that as many people a possible are given the opportunity to make their voice heard at the COP21 talks!