Adult Social Care Studio: Workshop Invitation

Workshop details

Monday 30 November 10am-330pm

Central Saint Martins, Granary Building. 1 Granary Square, King’s Cross, London N1C 4AA


What is it

A one-day workshop bringing together people from different backgrounds to collaborate to generate visions for looking after older people, informed by the latest analysis from London Borough of Merton.


The background

Adult social care is in crisis. Demographic changes, funding cuts, health conditions such as dementia, growing recognition of the role of loneliness and other factors are resulting in policy, service delivery and personal challenges affecting millions of people in the UK. There is increasing attention being paid to the care crisis in the form of research, funding and entrepreneurial activity. However there are new opportunities to address these challenges from systems perspective by combining technology (eg distributed data gathering and analysis shaping service delivery), research (eg understanding of behaviour change to support older people’s wellbeing) and social practices (eg informal and formal caring networks).



More specifically this workshop will provide proposals for business models/service experiences that make use of these resources:

  • Ways to gather data from people’s homes to enable better care for older people
  • Behaviour change research and supporting technology
  • UAL’s expertise in user research, experience design and service design
  • Local government teams exploring new ways to deliver services.


The workshop will make use of a four-layer service design framework that connects:

  • People’s experiences of being cared for, self-caring or caring
  • Service operations
  • Business models and funding
  • Policy and governance.


After the workshop, project and service ideas generated will be further worked up and made public to participants and others working in this area and we anticipate participants will build on these to apply for research and development funds.


Workshop outcomes

We anticipate that the outcomes of the workshop will include:

  • embryonic proposals for projects that participants will take forward connecting with funding and research schemes in the UK/EU
  • insights into what a people-centred service design approach brings to a systemic challenge such as adult social care
  • new connections between participants providing a basis for future collaborations.


Who will participate

Workshop participants are limited to 20 people from:

  • Local government (strategy and policy for adult social care)
  • Business providers of adult care services (domiciliary/residential)
  • Technologists developing new data devices and platforms
  • Researchers working in behaviour change
  • Designers specialising in service design and experience design
  • Voluntary and community sector
  • Central government policy teams


How it will work

Facilitated by UAL, the workshop will take a “studio” approach with these principles:

  • People-focussed: with an emphasis on understanding people’s lived experiences in relation to adult social care
  • Whole systems: recognising the dynamic interplay of actors in the system
  • Designbased: involving cycles of exploring problems/generating solutions
  • Collaborative: working together across different knowledge and expertise
  • Agile: fast learning cycles with several iterations
  • Open: findings and ideas shared after the workshop for anyone to develop.

Cycles of exploring problems and generating solutions within a design approach


About the organisers

UAL is a specialist higher education institution formed of six renowned art and design colleges. UAL’s Innovation Insights Hub connects emerging practice and research inside the university with external partners to deliver new insights and projects that result in innovation for business, society and other research disciplines. UAL is currently partnering with London Borough of Camden to bring design approaches to service delivery supported by an award from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, as well as working with a wide range of business, social and technological partners.


KareInn is a technology innovation firm focused on changing the lives of people over 65. The firm is trusted by care decision makers to leverage technology, academia, design and behaviour change tools to deliver a better quality of life for adults living in any segment of the care spectrum.


How to get involved

We are sending this invitation to people already working in this area who we believe will value the opportunity to accelerate their own work. Please note:

  • It’s a one-day commitment at minimum but you will get the most out of it if you see it as enabling you to build on your own work by connecting with other specialists.
  • We see this first workshop as the starting point for building practically-oriented research and development projects we can work on together.
  • Any ideas generated in the workshop will be useable by any of the participants going forward, as well as being distributed to wider communities of interest.


 Find out more

If you’d like to know more or are ready to confirm your place, please contact the co-organisers.


Lucy Kimbell

Director, Innovation Insights Hub, UAL

07860 785 238


Eric Kihlstrom

Co-founder, Kareinn

07872 905 319

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