Journal of Contemporary Painting





Rebecca Fortnum

Middlesex University


Associate Editors

Beth Harland

Lancaster University


Daniel Sturgis

University of the Arts London


Michael Finch

University of the Arts London


The Journal of Contemporary Painting combines peer-reviewed scholarship, particularly that emerging from practice-based research, with new writing and visual essays by academics and practitioners. Research essays will complement reviews and interviews that are responsive to current debates in painting and related art practices. The Journal is aimed at a broad readership encompassing academics, critics, writers, artists, curators and the gallery-going public.

The Journal of Contemporary Painting responds to the territory and practice of contemporary painting in its broadest sense, treating painting as a context for discussion and exploring its sphere of influence, rather than defining it as a medium specific debate.  The Journal combines a thematic approach with an open call, each issue opening up and problematising different facets of contemporary painting.

As well as contributions to current debates on contemporary art, the Journal also publishes archival texts alongside current responsive articles allowing new debates to emerge, based on the premise that the contemporary cannot be understood without a self-reflexive knowledge of history.  The Journal will also work with artists and other scholars to produce original visual essays.

In focusing on the territory of painting practice, JCP takes an international approach, providing a forum for the exchange of views drawn from a wide geographical field. The Journal maps where painting is, acting as a platform for international scholarship in this area.  The Journal also functions as a multidisciplinary discursive space in which a range of subject specialisms can be brought to bear on the culture of painting. JCP creates a place where scholars and practitioners from many disciplines can converge and exchange ideas on a common object of study.,id=239/