Adequate Knowledges with Adrian Rifkin

9 December 17:30
Room C303, CSM, KX
Adequate Knowledges is a series of five ‘talks’ that elaborate readings of certain childhood books. In this second event of Adrian’s series Adequate Knowledges:

‘A second book, one, two, three, many …or what was good enough for then is hardly good enough for now. Is three too many? Was two far too many? Is one more than enough, inconceivably so? In the shadow of future passions as Lohengrin watches Egyptian science, alarmed and not quite astonished, I will unfold episode two in the annals of adequacy…..’

How do new knowledges adequate to these starting points? Life writing, or whatever we might want to call it, becomes a series of abstractions of this problematic

Hosted by the Duration and Event research group.

This event is open to the public, visit the Eventbrite page to book. 

Event contact:
Madeleine King