Bilderfahrzeuge Seminars

Seminars on Warburg

You are invited to 2 seminars the details of which are below.

If you would like to attend either, or both of these events, please email:

Mick Finch


Please state which dates you would like to attend and title the email Bilderfahrzeuge.

There are 10 spaces, for each seminar, allocated for PhD students but spaces are limited!


Martin Westwood and Mick Finch have been working in collaboration with the Bilderfahrzeuge research network whose London base is at the Warburg Institute in London. The network sets out to explore the migration of images, objects, commodities, and texts, in short: the migration of ideas in a broad historical and geographical context and in relation to Aby Warburg’s legacy. So far the collaboration has entailed an exhibition at the Warburg Institute, essays produced from a visit to the CSM Study Collection, participation in Headstone to Hard-drive 3 at the British School in Rome.   The collaboration is working toward a colloquium event at the Warburg Haus in Hamburg in June 2016 and an exhibition project for 2018. More information about Bilderfahrzeuge can be found at:


January 20, 5-7pm, C303

Eckart Marchand: Introduction into Aby Warburg and the Warburg Institute’s archive

Hans Christian Hoenes: Perception of pre-historic art in the 1960s

Babette Schnitzlein: Reproductions of recently destroyed artifacts in the Near East


February 24, 5-7pm C303

Change of Date: 2 March, 5-7pm, C303

Reinhard Wendler: On models and questions of scaling

Anna McSweeney: Reproductions of Nefertiti

Philipp Eckardt: Fashion