If the Internet of Thins is the Future, what is design doing?

When Monday 14th of March 14.00 – 16.00pm
Where Futuro House
What A roundtable discussion about the future of the Internet of Things and interaction design broadly taking inspiration from the following material.

1. (in press) Marenko, B. and Van Allen, P. (2016) Animistic Design: How to Reimagine Digital Interaction between the Human and the Nonhuman. Digital Creativity. Special issue on Post-Anthropocentric Creativity. Stanislav Roudavski and Jon McCormack (eds.). London, Routledge
2.Meese, R., Ali, S., Thorne, E., Benford, S., Quinn, A., Mortier, R., Koleva, B., Pridmore, T. and Baurley, S. (2013). From codes to patterns: designing interactive decoration for tableware In: CHI ’13: Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 931-940
3.Steve Benford’s talk on Uncomfortable Interactions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNMJ0nzKe9k


The long awaited promise of the Internet of Things is still far from mainstream reality. Debates about smart devices seem highjacked by either technophilia (the machines will save us) or techno-dystopia (the machines will take over), by the banality of a fridge talking to a phone, or the anxiety about privacy and control. It seems clear that if the Internet of Things wants to grow it needs a robust design-led vision, able to stay clear of technodeterminism.

What is design’s role in shaping the new hybrid landscape of the physical and the digital? Can design lead in the search for a critical-practical framework that articulates the new relationships between the human and the nonhuman?

How Round table discussion

Who The event will bring together interested CSM staff across different Programmes, and special guests.

Special guests
Steve Benford Professor of Collaborative Computing in the Mixed Reality Laboratory. University of Nottingham.
Matt Webb Technologist ex-Berg
Organized by
Tony Quinn Course Leader BA Ceramic Design
Betti Marenko Research Leader PCID programme

RSVP b.marenko@csm.arts.ac.uk