Silent Footnotes

8am-8pm Wednesday 4 May

Our silent walks seek to practice vital conditions for paying attention to the everyday. We have made over fifty silent walks in the neighbourhoods of Archway and King’s Cross, most recently on a repeated monthly route as part of our Kings Cross Walking Club. Silent Footnotes extends these short walks to make a further testing of publicness in this place over a working day, with our colleagues, associate artists, students, friends, neighbours, and interested strangers walking with us in shared silence for half an hour or more.


Silent Footnotes will begin in Granary Square at 8am and pass through the square at approximate 30 minutes intervals until 8pm. Tilly and Anna will alternately lead the route of five repeated loops through King’s Cross neighbourhoods including Maiden Lane, Somers Town, The Cally, Argyle Square and the fringes of Pentonville.


To join Silent Footnotes we would ask you to commit to a minimum of one 30 minute loop beginning from Granary Square. There will be a hosted ‘starting point’ in Granary Square that will also be a rest/food stop for those who would like to make multiple loops. Our hosts will give you instructions and look after your bags. The longest you might have to wait to begin will be 30 minutes if you have just missed us leave.


Please let us know if you plan to join us and come to Granary Square at whatever time suits you best during the day.


With our very best wishes


Tilly and Anna