You are invited to view the trial video installation of



Wednesday, 18th May 

1 – 4.30 pm


Central St Martins

Room: M301

3rd Floor, Theatre end of the building.



Chorine investigates the question and possibility of representing a female space and time through a visual evocation of interiority and female subjectivity: firstly, by exploring the ways in which filmic technique can be used to represent time and perception and secondly, by creating a form of ‘haptic cinema.’

Chorine uses the filmic technique of slow motion (shot on a high speed industrial camera filming at 1000 and 500 frames per second) to evoke an interior, haptic space, exploring the notions of stillness and motion, then and now.

The dancer’s body is explored as the instrument and conductor of time. The body is presented as one crossing, spiraling, invoking temporalities and liminalities, mimetically re-visioning images of turn of the twentieth century dance and of women and water.

Chorine draws on the concept of haptic visuality to explore a palpable, visceral filmmaking, and the idea of embodiment in order to evoke a female interiority and subjectivity.

Chorine is a work in progress and is part of my ongoing PhD research. I welcome any response, comments and feedback on the work.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Best Wishes,

Tamara Tyrer



Tamara Tyrer Biog

Tamara Tyrer is a practising artist specialising in film, video, dance and performance. Her research is an enquiry into the notion of a female space, time and subjectivity by creating a form of haptic cinema. The title of her research is Of Space and Time: Film and the Female Performer. As part of her practice she created Whoopee, a performance theatre cabaret burlesque, creating site -specific shows at The Porchester Baths, The V&A Museum, Blackpool Tower Ballroom, The ICA and many others.