Core Doctoral Platform Programme at CSM

The Art of Questioning

The Art of Questioning is a PhD seminar on methodologies and contemporary thinking organized and run by Dr Daniel Rubinstein.

Seminars run on Wednesdays on alternate weeks to Test Lab. They will begin at 4:30 PM and will take place in room B301.

Any queries, please contact Dr Daniel Rubinstein

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PhD Workshops

 These workshops are intended to help for the successful achievement of Registration and Confirmation and other aspects of the PhD, hence they are complementary to the RNAUL programme.

They are organized and run by Dr Caterina Albano for all CSM students. They take place on Wednesday afternoons at CSM. Any queries, contact Caterina Albano,

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Call for Papers



Test Lab, in collaboration with the Doctoral Platform at CSM, is calling for contributions to a series of presentations that will run during the 2016/2017 academic year, alternate Wednesdays, 4:30-7pm at CSM, Library, Pods.

Test Lab offers PhD students at CSM and across UAL an opportunity to present their work in an informal and discursive setting. Students are welcome to present papers on any aspect of their research: a chapter, a case study, an exhibition, an artwork, a workshop, etc.

This year, Test Lab is split into 3 themed sections: Ways of Being (Autumn Term), Ways of Thinking (Spring Term) and Ways of Doing/Making (Summer Term).


 Autumn Term

Theme: Ways of Being

This first section of ‘Test-Lab’ is dedicated to Ways of Being, or ways of positioning one’s research in the fields of Arts and Design, with a focus on methodology. We encourage presentations which highlight the process of identifying research’s questions, and those that discus diverse approaches to envisioning theory, writing and practice.

Wednesdays: 5th October, 19th October; 2nd November; 16th  November; 30th  November


Spring Term

Theme: Ways of Thinking

Ways of Thinking focuses on the theoretical frameworks, which underpin research. From theoretical contexts to developing arguments, this section takes into account the relevance of thinking in the process of research. We welcome presentations which consider key-philosophical thoughts in order to investigate ways through which theory informs research.

Wednesdays: 11th January, 25th January, 22nd February, 8th March


 Summer Term

Theme: Ways of Doing/Making

Ways of Doing/Making is dedicated to research conducted by practice, with the purpose of discussing key-aspects of this approach. We encourage presentations that, by examining the relationship between practice, writing and thinking, focus on the process of making as fundamental for art and design research.

Wednesdays: 26th April, 10th May, 24th May, 7th June, 21st June

Test Lab 2016-17 is being organized by 4 CSM PhD candidates: Sara Buoso, Adriana Cobo, Richard Crawford, and Giorgio Salani.

If you would like to participate in Test Lab, please contact Sara Buoso at –

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