Situating Architecture Lecture Series

Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Situating Architecture Lecture Series, Autumn 2016


Monday 3 Oct: 6.30pm-8.00pm

G02, 140 Hampstead Road, NW1 2BX

All welcome


Kuba Szreder: Curators and architects as collaborators in the expanded field of art

This talk focuses on the cooperation between curators and architects in the expanded field of art. It considers curatorial projects, in which architects played decisive roles as active agents and collaborators. This cooperation unfolds in the context of the expanded art world. Currently, we are witnessing significant changes in how, where and by whom art is made and used. Artistic practices unfold beyond the narrow confines of art institutions, galleries and exhibition halls. Art manifests itself as political campaigns, economic experiments, technological tweaks, urban interventions or nomadic architecture. People of different trades and backgrounds make use of artistic competences, such as conceptual density, imaginary potential, aesthetical play. The traditional division of labour between curators, artists and architects no longer applies. Artistic practices do not necessarily conclude in discrete art objects. The majority of curators do not work as carers of collections. Architects are not merely responsible for designing exhibition systems. Unchained from the conventions of autonomous art, many instigate social processes, shape conceptual flows, break everyday routines.


These reflections are grounded in my curatorial projects, including: the KNOT (2010), a mobile intervention in urban spaces which travelled between Berlin, Warsaw and Bucharest, with architects raumlabor_berlin. Virtual Economic Zone (2014), a mirror-covered kiosk by Natalia Romik and Maciej Czeredys, which blended into the street markets of Gdańsk. I consider the collective processes of Market of Values (2015), curated by Critical Practice and Public Works in London. The exhibition Making Use presented an ‘exhibition in verbs’ and ‘curating in open form’ and Life in Postartistic Times (2016), for the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, with Sebastian Cichocki and architect, Maciej Siuda.



Kuba Szreder is an independent curator and researcher. He studied sociology at Jagiellonian University (Krakow) and has a practice-based PhD from Loughborough University. His interdisciplinary projects examine artistic and organisational experiments, hybridising art with other domains of life. He initiated Free / Slow University of Warsaw, through which he has researched the political economy of contemporary artistic production, with publications including: Readings for Art Workers,Joy Forever, Political Economy of Social Creativity and Art Factory. In his most recent book, the ABC of Projectariat, he considers the economic and governmental aspects of curatorial projects.


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