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We would like to extend an invitation to all new UAL PhD students to participate in sensingsite. Convened by Susan Trangmar and Steven Ball, sensingsite is a platform for researchers and artists to present work exploring issues of place, space, and site, across diverse media and approaches, providing an open and constructive environment within which participants and audience can interact to provide feedback and peer review.


Since 2012 sensingsite has developed as an ongoing process, working within individual and collaborative modes, encouraging experimental and unconventional forms of research practice and presentation. Our events have taken place in collaboration with Goldsmiths College, Parasol unit London, Falmouth University, and have included the participation of post-Doctoral researchers, PhD and Masters students from across UAL and beyond. We have a number of post- doctoral researchers who are continuing to contribute to sensingsite, and who bring their experience of studying for a PhD to the group.


You are invited to attend a meeting on Thursday 10 November from 10am – midday, in room D111 Central Saint Martins, King’s Cross, where we will present more information and material, and discuss plans for the forthcoming year and possible future projects.


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