Lights, Camera, Fashion

Lights, Camera, Fashion: Reflections on Participant Driven Photo Elicitation Techniques to Explore the Experience of Vintage Fashion Buyers & Sellers


Wednesday 2nd November, 16:00 – 18:00

HH 302 – London College of Fashion, 272 High Holborn London WC1V 7EY


Vintage Fashion Fairs and Markets are becoming increasingly common in the UK, from small village halls with an arrangement of tables and rails, to large and lively themed gatherings which take over a town or village for a weekend. Nostalgia loving vintage fashionistas celebrate a bygone era by dressing up, dancing, sipping tea from china cups, rummaging through suitcases and boxes of period clothing jewellery and accessories and perusing vintage vehicles. The CMBE Hub welcomes Esther Pugh, Associate lecturer in retailing and visual merchandising, who will reflect on the Participant Driven Photo Elicitation techniques used in her exploratory research into vintage fashion temporary spaces, undertaken through the lens of Critical Spatial Theory.


This Hub will take the form of a presentation, followed by a discussion. Staff and students welcome. To reserve a free space, please register via eventbrite.