Lucy Steeds, Magicians de la Terre

Monday Guest Lecture    24 October  5.30pm Lecture Theatre E002

Lucy Steeds  Introduced by Alex Schady


Lucy Steeds is the commissioning editor for the Exhibition Histories book series published by Afterall at Central Saint Martins.


In this informal talk she will address the installation issues faced by artists at work on the major Parisian show of 1989, ‘Magiciens de la Terre’. Billed as ‘the first worldwide exhibition of contemporary art’, this highly controversial project united over one hundred artists, only half of whom would be described as Western.


How was the ambition to show work from wildly different geopolitical contexts on an equal footing put into practice? And what did the failures of this endeavour reveal?


Please seek out the Afterall book on this topic, Making Art Global (Part 2): ‘Magiciens de la Terre’ 1989, for more discussion of this exhibition, either before or after this event.