Cubitt 25 Years


2 Nov 2016 6:30 pm | Cinema 1 November 2nd at 6.30pm at the ICA  chinema 1.

Anne-Marie Creamer, our BA Fine Art DPS Pathway Leader is taking part in an event at the ICA about the history of Cubitt gallery/ studios: Cubitt 25 Years.  Anne-Marie was involved in the project throughout the ’90’s in several roles and now curator/ critic Morgan Quaintance has created a documentary about Cubit, in which she is featured.   Following the screening Anne-Marie will be on the panel discussion, which is moderated by Morgan.

There will be discussion about the character of Kings X in earlier times and how that effected their work, as well as about the exploits of a group of then young artists leaving college in a recession and how they set up a dynamic project

If you would like to attend tickets are £5 or cheaper: Cubitt 25 Years.  

The premiere screening of new documentary Cubitt 25 Years: An Artist Led History is followed by a discussion involving Cubitt artists and curators. Produced by Cubitt’s current Curatorial Fellow Morgan Quaintance, this film explores Cubitt Studios, Cubitt Gallery and Cubitt Education, taking a look at the history and present of the organisation, its previous curators, artists and others who have been involved, as well as glimpsing into its possible future.


Cubitt is an artist-led gallery, studios and education provider based in Islington. It is an independent organisation run on a co-operative model managed by its members, comprising a community of over 30 artists and a team of professional staff.  Over the past twenty five years Cubitt has grown as a unique hub for international developments in contemporary visual culture, providing opportunities for artists and curators at an early stage in their careers, as well as members of the local community. As one of the last remaining, affordable artists’ studio spaces in central London, Cubitt is a multi-layered, richly resourced yet incredibly cost-effective, democratic reality’

The documentary Cubitt 25 Years: An Artist Led History has been realised with support from Outset Contemporary Art Fund and the dedication of Cubitt artists and staff.