Improper Conversations

Wednesday 30 November 5.30pm C202 King’s Cross

 A seminar-workshop in 4 parts with Visiting Professor Adrian Rifkin

For the first session, 

Adrian Rifkin will be joined by Karl Baker and Nina Wakeford.

Improper Conversations starts off from where the two seminar series Adequate Knowledges and Research as Gesture ended. The former sets in place a series of manoeuvres working with the gesture of the autobiographical to suggest starting points that problematised both the terms through which the autobiographical is given voice and certain configurations of current politics, desire and the instrumentalities of research. The latter, Research as Gesture, outlined some possible approaches of a critique and reconfigurations in relation to practice-research. Improper Conversations will take on these gestures from which to spin out a series of practical propositions. Taking Jacques Ranciere’s critique of explicationas a mode of power, each workshop will produce conversations out of fragments, quotations and responses that involve a partaking, a sharing, as a making of discourse. Improper Conversations will explicitly challenge both the instrumentalism of the form of pedagogy and the authority of institutional research. A staging, or performing, of positions (anti-positions) will allow for the possibility of thinking anew a politics of subjectivity and the subjectivity of politics.


The first seminar-workshop will take place on Wednesday 30 November, starting at 17.30, and will be with Adrian Rifkin, Karl Baker and Nina Wakeford.



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