Test Lab

Wednesday November 30

4:30-7pm at CSM, Library, Pod A


Speaker 1 Tsuyoshi Amano (CSM), Prototyping in Business Model Innovation: Exploring the Role of Design Thinking in Business Model Development

The main theme of my research is how to apply prototyping approaches in design to business model development to propose a concept of business model prototyping as a methodology of managing innovation. The research is theoretically located among the arguments of innovation, business models and design (and design thinking). I will present how I position my research in the various subjects. Also, the session possibly includes an introduction of a business model exploration tool modified for academics.

Speaker 2  Tobias J. Yu-Kiener (CSM), The Representation of Iconic Visual Artists in Comics

Comics have emerged as important tool to communicate ideas of history/memory/culture that reaches further than traditional ways of knowledge transfer. The last decade saw an unprecedented publishing boom of comics featuring ‘iconic visual artists’ (IVA), such as Rembrandt, van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci. Some of the publications were commissioned/funded by world-famous art museums (Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Centre Pompidou), others by leading comic publishers (Vertigo, Marvel) and a few were done by independent comic artists. My research will critically assess the interpretations and means of construction of historic/cultural narratives and memories, through the example of these comics.

Test Lab 2016-17 is being organized by 4 CSM PhD candidates: Sara Buoso, Adriana Cobo, Richard Crawford, and Giorgio Salani.

If you would like to participate in Test Lab, please contact Sara Buoso at – s.buoso1@arts.ac.uk .