Improper Conversations Part 2

CSM D113 5.30pm Wednesday 1st February 2017

A seminar-workshop in 4 parts with Visiting Professor Adrian Rifkin

Some remarks made by me to my bluetooth: as a part of the endlessly and hopelessly vast project of bricolage, of one signifier to another, if that’s what they are, in the hope, eventually, of making at least some non-sense, some new nothing in a frame of the frenzied circulation of commodity-ideas, some nothing new, I will continue the conversation hinted at the beginning of the last event, with a small, pink, bluetooth speaker, the illiberal representative of higher forces. It and I will do some slow DJ’ing and whatever it tells me I will refuse to dance. Our interferer in this, Nina Wakeford, will take her own pathway through our queer impasse, and though we might all decide something in advance, the signifyers will have to look after themselves, after all that’s what they have always done.

FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: Booking essential for all HERE