Jung – Lacan Dialogues


This is the sixth in a series of Jung-Lacan Dialogues aimed at fostering an engagement between two of the most important and creative schools of psychoanalysis. What is the common ground between them? What are the intractable differences? Is it possible to find a shared language? And what are the implications for clinical practice?


A conversation between Barry D. Proner and Owen Hewitson

chaired by David Henderson

Is there any commonality in the conceptualisation of transference in the work of Jung and of Lacan? And what are the specifics of the differences in the way transference is thought about? The presenters will elaborate the history and development of the term and reflect on the implications for clinical work.

Dr. Barry D. Proner has been a Supervising and Training Analyst of the Society of Analytical Psychology since 1988. He was trained originally as a psychiatrist and a child psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School in the USA and came to England in 1972 to train at the SAP, first in the Adult and then the Child and Adolescent Analytical Psychology programmes under Michael Fordham and other pioneers of the Society. He has published, taught and lectured extensively. He is in private practice in London.

Owen Hewitson is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Psychoanalysis, Middlesex University. His research interests are within the Lacanian orientation. He has contributed to a number of publications in this field and spoken on Lacanian theory in the UK and abroad. He also runs the site LacanOnline.com

Date 11th March 2017, 2-5pm
Venue Room C114, College Building, Middlesex University

The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT
Admission free of charge https://junglacan.wordpress.com Enquiries: A.Worthington@mdx.ac.uk