We are currently launching a new program called ‘The Play Space’ for aspiring artists and art students. We are offering FREE creation and exhibition space, workshops, talks, art challenges, mentorship, networking & publicity opportunities. Could you please pass the attached document and email along to your students?

We are currently doing an Open Call for artists from October through December 2017. If you are interested in showcasing your work, please send us the following through the link listed below:

1. Name  2. E-mail:  3. Phone number:  4. Website or links to work:  5. Art-discipline(s):  6. Theme(s) of work:   7. Availability(are you available to show work October, November, December?):  8. Can you offer workshops or lectures? [yes or no]


Join us as we launch ‘The Play  Space’ from October 10th, 2017

 ‘The Play Space’ is our latest initiative tailored to the young, thriving art community, ‘The Play Space’ will run every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at The Flying Dutchman.

 At The Flying Dutchman we’ve always been strong supporters of the arts. One of our missions is to provide new and emerging artists a free platform to share and promote their work. The Play Space is our latest initiative tailored to the young, thriving art community. We’ll be offering a diverse program of activities and events to support artists at the start of their career. These will include: 

 FREE exhibition & creation space

The space will be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays 

Creation hours: 12:00pm to 6:00pm 

Exhibition hours: 6:00pm to Midnight

 Artist Residency Apply to become a resident of The Play Space! 

You get regular publicity of your work in our social media channels/newsletter, to take part in Residence-only art exhibitions, priority bookings for the exhibition space as well as priority access to talks, workshops, & events


Monthly art challenges

We open up our stage and gallery to artists of all kinds to showcase, perform, and exhibit their work based around a given theme each month. Artists can submit works that relate to the monthly theme for consideration. The Play Space team will choose a select group of artists to be featured in an exclusive, group exhibition each month. 


Workshops, talks, lectures

We will curate a diverse selection of informative and unique learning opportunities for more established and new artists alike. Artists will not only learn, but will also have the opportunity to network, connect, and collaborate with each other in and outside of their own art focus. 


Find out more about ‘The Play Space’ and our Residency program here: 


 If you have any further questions feel free to contact us at curator@flyingdutchmanlondon.com.