Passagens: Professor Lucy Orta in conversation with Professor Helen Storey

Tuesday 24 October 2017, 5pm to 7.30pm

Drawing on the current debate following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, postgraduate students (both taught and research) at UAL are invited to join the Passagens series of Reading Groups, which offers a broad historical context and the insight by artists and curators whose work evolve around the themes of migration, social sustainability and the environment.

Passagens: Professor Lucy Orta in conversation with Professor Helen Storey
This event is open to all UAL Postgraduate students, UAL staff, as well as a wider community of invited alumni, practitioners and researchers in this field.

Hear two of UAL’s leading Professors from UAL’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion in conversation, speaking about their own projects that directly relate to themes of environmental change, social sustainability and migration.

The work of Helen Storey (Professor of Fashion and Science), widely spans the arts, sciences and new technology fields. Producing projects that illuminate aspects of science and wellbeing in ways that directly interact with the public, with the broad aim of helping individuals reach their full creative potential, Helen will talk about her recent experiences at the Za’atari Camp in Jordan, and projects Love Coats and Dress For Our Time. Using the power of fashion to communicate some of the world’s most complex issues, through fashion, science and wonder, these projects help us change the way we think and act upon climate change.

Lucy Orta’s, (UAL Chair of Art in the Environment) practice as an artist, focuses on social and ecological issues, employing a diversity of media including, drawing, sculpture, installation, couture, photography, video and performance. She often works with communities to create large-scale public projects and exhibits objects resulting from her research in major museums internationally. Lucy has recently presented the Antartica World Passport Delivery Bureau project at the Frieze art fair in London

The ‘in-conversation’ will be followed by a Q&A with the audience, and a drinks reception.

To book your place, email with the following information:

  • Your name, course and college (if applicable)
  • If you are a current student / alumni / staff

About Passagens:

With the aim of interrogating dialogues about a cross-disciplinary subject, Passagens (a Postgraduate Community Reading Group) is a response to the debate following the UK’s vote to leave the EU and increased anxiety amongst students at UAL around issues surrounding the act of migration.

Passagens takes its meaning from the linguistic variables of the Portuguese ‘passagem’, which implies a number of different journeys: from one period in life to another, from one country, language culture and conviction to another, from being home to being a foreigner, from student to professional, child to teenager to adult, but also from one geological epoch to another, and allows for diverse perspectives to interweave.

This event is the first in our second series of events, organised by Lucy Orta, Professor of Art and the Environment and member of Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF), in collaboration with CSF Associate Curator Camilla Palestra, and is supported by the UAL Postgraduate Community.

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