The Light PG Reading Group

The Light PG Reading Group proposes a discussion on the interdisciplinary role of light in contemporary practices. Postgraduate students from diverse disciplines, including arts, media, design, special practices and theory, are invited to join the dialogue with the aim of discussing how both materiality and technologies of light, advance innovative forms of expression and of experience. The Light PG Reading Group welcomes contributions across disciplines, with interest in discussing the artistic, historical, scientific and technological aspects of light in society. The Light PG Reading Group intends to raise awareness of light-based practices in preparation for the International Day of Light, 16th May 2018.


Session 1 – Thur. 9th November at 4 pm – Pod A – Learning Zone, CSM

The emergence of light-based practices

Piene, N., 1967, Light-Art, In Art in America

Led by Sara Buoso, PhD student – CSM


Session 2 – Thur. 30th November at 4 pm – PoD A – Learning Zone, CSM
Techniques of the Observer – Jonathan Crary

Led by Melanie King, ex alumni and MPhil Student at Royal College of Arts


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