Iniva’s Stuart Hall Library


Iniva’s Stuart Hall Library is now looking for proposals for research network presentations to take place February – December 2018, as part of Iniva’s artistic programme, around the theme of self-care.

We are looking for artists, curators, activists, students and researchers to respond to ideas around art, activism and self-care. We welcome critical responses to these provocations. Proposals could address, but are not limited to:

  • Physical, emotional and mental well being
  • Artistic practice as a site of trauma (revisiting past experiences) or of healing
  • Pace of Production: slowness vs. acceleration
  • Process of Production: individual vs. collective practices
  • Responsibility for whom? The self vs. the social good
  • Virtual and IRL (in real life) art communities of self-care and -harm
  • Race, class, gender, neurodiversity or any intersectional thought in relation to the above


For full details and how to apply, please go to Iniva’s website: