Material Explorations: Unearthing the Materials Behind Making


8-21 Feb

New Wing, Somerset House

London WC2R 1LA


I’m getting in touch as I wanted to invite you to an event we’re hosting at Somerset House.


We will be delving into synthetic biology; exploring the applications and ethics of this radical technology through the lens of Pharma and Food.


In our In-Vitro Feast evening we will be joined by Louise Davies from the Vegan Society, speculative designer David Benque and others to talk about lab grown foods, its impact on society, and how it’s disrupting the food industry.


Then In our Bio-bodies evening we will be joined by Anna Dumitriu, Ilya Levantis and Burton Nitta to talk about data privacy, who our genetic data belongs to and whether the use of personalised drugs by others should be regulated and how?


Please let me know if you would like to come along as we have some free tickets available. Students also receive a 20% discount with the promo code STUDENT20 if you think this might be of interest?