The Value of Social Design – When is it Good Enough?

Thursday 15th Feb 1.00 – 2.00 in D115/7, CSM.

Thomas Markussen, Associate Professor of Social Design

& Eva Knutz, Post Doc Researcher 

Unite for Social Design, Department of Design & Communication, University of Southern Denmark

Duration: 60 min


One central question being scrutinised in current discussions on social design is how to account for the social value achieved through this research practice. Often social design is conflated with related areas such as social innovation and social entrepreneurship. However, in their talk Markussen & Knutz will make the case that social design differs from social innovation and social entrepreneurship on a number of levels. This argument will be substantiated in two ways. To frame the talk, conceptual distinctions and definitions will initially be made based on the review of existing research literature. In addition, Markussen & Knutz will be presenting results from two of their on-going social design research projects within health care and prisons.