Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms

A Create/Feminisms event        2 July 2018, 11am-6pm
Registration: Atrium Grove Building and College Building Rooms, Middlesex University

Keynote Speakers:  Tanja Ostojic (artist, Berlin); Ewa Majewska (writer/researcher, ICI Berlin, Berlin/Warsaw); Christine Eyene  (curator, University of Central Lancashire)

This one-day conference aims to reflect on feminist activism and artivism in/through the many different kinds of contemporary art practices, campaigns and art projects and to explore the rich history of feminism’s innovative and diverse approaches and contributions to both art and politics. This is a feminist research event aiming to bring together artists, writers, curators and self-defined artivists and activists, academics and non-academics, theorists and practitioners.

How do the practices of feminist art workers and activists identify, comment, reflect, address and question issues related to changes in civil and political rights over their bodies; campaigns around health and social care and violence against women; in anti-nuclear and anti-militarist campaigns for the end of conflicts or for peace; in protests about women’s rights as workers, citizens, refugees or migrants; for LGBTQI rights; for disability rights?

2018 marks 100 years since women in the UK over 30 and with a property qualification obtained the vote. Beyond the fact of SOME women’s enfranchisement as citizens, many questions about women’s legal and political rights across the world remain, even though the UN has declared development goals and women’s rights as human rights a key goal for more than 40 years. How has feminism transformed in the last 50 years our understandings of art and activism in relation to struggles for women’s rights as human rights?
2018 also marks 50 years since the student occupation of Hornsey College of Art, which joined Middlesex University and 50 years since May 1968. One panel at this event will be dedicated to feminism’s role in art student protests, sit-ins, work-ins, occupations and alternative de-colonising pedagogies in the last 50 years.

In addition to the keynotes there will be 4-6 panels in the day.

This notice is also a call for papers of 10-20 min. presentations.

These could be case studies of feminist art practices, protest events or campaigns where visual analysis is key; position papers/theoretical arguments and/or practical pedagogic proposals are also welcome. Artists and curators discussing their views on activism and artivism are encouraged to apply. International comparative and cross-generational topics are welcomed.

Send your proposal for a contribution of not more than 200 words with contact details and a short outline about yourself by 29 May 2018 to Katy Deepwell k.deepwell@mdx.ac.uk

Papers from this call will be organised into 4-6 panels on the day.
All successful applicants to the panel will be announced with the full programme on 4 June 2018.
Limited funds from Middlesex University are available to support transport costs in the UK for those without institutional support whose papers are accepted. We regret that we cannot support costs of international airfares or accommodation for those attending this event.

Every member of the audience/participant at this event is invited to bring a poster to present in the lunch time session which can outline a campaign, a research project, their current work or a proposal for future work – and any form of art activism or artivism – whether or not their paper is accepted. Everyone who attended will be an active participant on the day.

Register here. https://www.onlinestore.mdx.ac.uk/conferences-and-events/faculty-of-arts-and-creative-industries/event/feminist-artivisms-and-activisms-ehe1959
There is no charge for attending or participating in this research event. A lunch and tea/coffee will be provided.

It is organised by the Create/Feminisms Cluster in the Arts and Creative Industries Faculty at Middlesex University.
Contact: Professor Katy Deepwell, k.deepwell@mdx.ac.uk if you want to be involved.

Arts and Creative Industries Faculty, Grove Building

Middlesex University
Hendon Campus
The Burroughs,