Vision’s Bleeding Edge: Symposium on nonhuman vision, liquid and crystal intelligence and AI.

Tuesday 3rd July, 2018

4:00 PM – 10:00 PM 

 Lecture Theatre 1 / Courtyard Gallery, Royal College of Art

Kensington Gore, Kensington




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With talks from Esther Leslie (Professor of Political Aesthetics at Birkbeck, University of London) and Joanna Zylinska (Professor of New Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London) and performances and videos by Anna Ådahl, Anja Kirschner, Lawrence Lek, Mayra Martin Ganzinotti, Anna Nazo, Emma Somerset Davis and Adam J B Walker.


Vision’s Bleeding Edge will explore the impact of the latest imaging technologies on human and nonhuman vision and the way contemporary art engages with and rearticulates these developments.


Performances and screenings by current RCA researchers will be in dialogue with talks by Esther Leslie, Professor of Political Aesthetics at Birkbeck and author of Liquid Crystals: The Science and Art of a Fluid Form (Reaktion, 2016) and Joanna Zylinska, Professor of New Media and Communications at Goldsmiths and author of Nonhuman Photography (MIT Press, 2017).


Esther Leslie will speak on the history and increasing ubiquity of liquid crystal technologies (in LCD TVs, computers and mobile devices) and the liveliness these bestow on the digital images they both display and ‘see’ – while Joanna

Zylinska’s talk on nonhuman photography and AI driven imaging will focus on the political underpinnings of the current AI debate and its impact on photography and art.


Their presentations will be followed by an extended conversation to which the participating artists, researchers and audience are invited to actively contribute.



4:15pm – screening | Di-Simulated Crowds (2018) by Anna Ådahl

4.30pm – screening | Geomancer (2017) by Lawrence Lek

5.00pm – performance | 6 Weeks in Kyiv (2018) by Adam J B Walker

5.20pm – performance | The Left Hand of Darkness (2018) by Emma Somerset Davis

5:45pm – refreshments

6:00pm – talk | Esther Leslie: Liquid and Crystal Intelligence

6:40pm – screening | Interference (2016) by Mayra Martin Ganzinotti

6.50pm – talk | Joanna Zylinska: Undigital Photography: The Warped Dreams of AI, Machine Vision and Deep Learning

7:30pm – questions and discussion

8:00pm – performance | Reset (2018) by Anna Nazo

8:15pm – screening | Riley (2018) by Anja Kirschner

8:20pm – DJing by Anna Nazo, drinks