Technologies of Romance

Paul O’Kane academic lecturer CSM      Technologies of Romance – Part II      

Book launch event at South London Gallery, Clore Studio

7-9 pm Wedesday 24th October, 2018  


SLG, Rounded Radio, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (CSM) and eeodo artist’s publishers, invite you to join us at the SLG Clore Studio for an event to celebrate the launch ofTechnologies of Romance – Part II (2018) the new book by artist and writer Paul O’Kane (CSM.

The evening will take the form of a streamed online radio event with Rounded Radio, hosted by Roshni Bhagotra (Chelsea, UAL).

It will feature discussion and Q&A with all those involved in making the new publication: Paul O’Kane (writer, CSM), Roshni Bhagotra (artist DJ Chelsea, UAL), Bryony Lloyd (distributor), Bada Song (editor ex-Camberwell UAL), John Whapham (illustrator Camberwell, UAL), Catherine Dixon (typographer CSM, Tony Yard (printer London College of Communication, UAL), and Jack Hearne (SLG’s Retail Manager). We have also asked Eleanor Brown, artist, book designer and artist’s book retailer, to participate.

The discussion will include Q&A with the audience and will be guided by the proposition: ‘The book as a romantic technology’.

This radio-show styled event will also be punctuated with clips from popular songs mentioned in the new book.The event will also feature free drinks and book signing. # Technologies of Romance


Paul O’Kane academic lecturer CSMTechnologies of Romance   Symposium  

Science Museum, London10 am – 6.30 pm, Wednesday 28th November 2018 

at Dana Studio, Wellcome Wolfson Building,  165 Queens Gate, Kensington, London SW7 5HD                                

To mark publication of Technologies of Romance – Part II (the new book

by Paul O’Kane), Science Museum London, eeodo artists’ publishers, and Central Saint Martins College, UAL, welcome you to attend a free, day-long symposium.

A diverse and dynamic range of artists, lecturers, historians, students and curators from various institutions will exchange ideas and contribute artworks, performances, videos and academic papers on the symposium’s title and theme.

The event will conclude with a plenary session followed by drinks and book signing, then at 6.45 pm the museum opens its ‘LATES’ session, with drinks, DJs etc. which all our participants and audience are also welcome to attend.

TICKETS available soon