NEW Work

Exposed Arts Projects (a non-profit art gallery run by CSM PhD student Sasha Burkhanova-Khabadze) is proud to announce NEW WORK, an exhibition by artists Candida Powell-Williams and Thomas Yeomans. 
The methods, applied in creating NEW WORK, enact two distinct logics of encrypting, mastered by Powell-Williams and Yeomans – in a spiritual proximity to one another, enabled by their long-term friendship. The first logic, developed by Powell-Williams, recognises meanings in echoes and repetitions. It enables the artist to identify recurring symbols in the familiar systems of codes and move them around – gently yet firmly reprogramming the original narratives they belong to. The second logic – advanced by Yeomans – manifests itself in a vivid language of undercover persuasion. The agency of invocations here relies on the particular grouping of symbols, images and words that affect human-beings on extra-conscious levels. When activated at the same time, these two logics serve as two different routes for the viewer to experience NEW WORK: a magical riddle in itself that can be solved in (at least) two ways.
The exhibition will take place from 03NOV to 14DEC 2018, with the Private View on 02NOV @ 18:00 – 21:00. As always at Exposed, it is free and open to all.  For more information please contact us at or visit
Images from work by Thomas Yeomans, and Candida Powell-Williams