Gestures of Love and Violence

Screen Research Forum presents

Gestures of Love and Violence:
transforming bodies from Looney Tunes to Oedipus Miranda Pennell in conversation with PhD student Alessandra Ferrini Friday 10 May at 5.30 in MLG06

A performance about belief, doubt, power and possession in film and through film. In this lecture- performance-screening, Miranda Pennnell draws upon her experiences as a dancer and filmmaker to consider the powers of corporeal presence and absence on screen and in the imagination, as she explores aspects of projection both psychic and cinematic.

“Now, before your very senses a subversive dark art will perform the transference of one body to other bodies. It will bring about the unholy mixing of object, animal and human essences. It will produce shape-changing hybrids, that will try to trick you and to seduce you. You will feel things you know to be irrational. You will believe things you know to be false.”

Organised by Professor William Raban, the Screen Research Forum investigates new interventions in cinema. It is primarily intended for our growing community of film-based PhD students but all are most welcomebotbookingessential: