Art’s Institutions: The Art School

This seminar will be led by Professor Stephen Melville.

Art’s Institutions: The Art School is open to all UAL Doctoral Students and will run in the Autumn Term on Wednesdays 5-7 pm at CSM Kings Cross.

Wednesday 4 November, 5-7 pm, C202

Wednesday 11 November, 5-7 pm, C303

Wednesday 18 November, 5-7 pm, C303

Wednesday 25 November, 5-7 pm, C303


The preparatory reading will include a selection from the following:

  • “Art School: A Roundtable,” Artforum October 2015
  • Jacques Ranciere, The Ignorant Schoolmaster
  • Howard Singerman, Art Subjects: Making Artists in the American University
  • Bill Readings, The University in Ruins
  • Eva Diaz, The Experimenters: Chance and Design at Black Mountain College
  • Saito and Standish, eds., Stanley Cavell and the Education of Grownups


If you would like to attend, please contact Dr Joanne Morra ( It is expected that participants will attend all 4 seminars. Spaces are limited.


Art’s Institutions is co-organized by Dr Joanne Morra and Dr Alison Green. It is supported by the Art Programme at CSM and hosted by Test Lab.

More information about individual sessions is forthcoming.


The Doctoral Platform at CSM offers PhD candidates the space in which to meet, share research, as well as co-ordinate, curate and participate in a variety of events.

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