Research as Gesture

What is working in the here and now? The making of art and the undoing of ‘research’

The term ‘research’ is now commonly deployed at all levels of Fine Art teaching. But, in what way does the term have ‘critical’ purchase and in what way does any kind of critical purchase offer the possibility of questioning its own parameters for research?

What is working in the here and now? proposes to forge a critique of the presuppositions underlying these continuing discussions through a series of workshop seminars with invited artists, and writers.

Professor Adrian Rifkin and John Seth will be presenting and hosting 4 Workshops/Seminars over the Spring and Summer Term on the topic of research as gesture.


The events will take place on Wednesday evenings, 5:30 at CSM, Kings Cross.



Workshop 1: Figures of research or research as figure

Wednesday 13 January, 5:30, Room C303, CSM, KX

The series will begin with asking ‘What anyway is any research and what is it looking for?’

Book here:


Workshop 2

Wednesday 10 February, 5:30 pm, Room C202, CSM, KX

More information forthcoming.


Workshop 3 and Workshop 4

Planning is taking place for two more events in the Summer Term.


Research As Gesture is open to all UAL Doctoral Students. Spaces are limited.

Research As Gesture is supported by the Art Programme at CSM .

The Doctoral Platform at CSM offers PhD candidates the space in which to meet, share research, as well as co-ordinate, curate and participate in a variety of events.

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